Fountain of Joy

The benefits:

  • It is a beautiful art item.
  • The soothing effect of the sound of water is benefitial.
  • It is small enough to be moved around, big enough to make a statement.
  • Local talent is supported.
  • Every item is an unique addition to your collection.
  • It is easy to install and maintain.


Every Fountain is an unique, artist-designed, hand-crafted article made by local craftsmen and -woman.  The fountain comes with an electric water-pump installed and circulates 2 liters of water.  It can stand on the ground or be mounted on the wall with a prefixed bracket.

The fountains are individually priced depending on the artist’s time and material spent.

The dimensions:  60cm high, 45cm wide, the bowl is 30cm deep.

For sales contact Eleen Polson 0722121719


  • Spaza Lion (sold)
  • Spaza meets Gaudi
  • Spaza bird bath (sold)
  • Spaza lilies (sold)
  • Spaza skyline
  • Spaza aloes
  • Alegria Madonna (sold)
  • Alegria Tree of Life
  • Alegria Fridah

"Joy is always an integral part of loving. There is joy in every act of life, no matter how menial or repetitive. To work in love is to work in joy. To live in love is to live in joy... Why not choose joy? Why not live..." ~ Leo Buscaglia Learn More